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They Are Only Americans

I will admit that I was one of the people that did not hear about Troy Davis until yesterday (September 20, 2011). However, I could not have cared more if I’d heard about it twenty years ago. All of my heart went out to this man and his family. This is something I can’t say about many of my peers. It is extremely paining for me to read the horrendous Facebook and Twitter posts especially from other blacks.

It is not just about the fact that they are ridiculing death. It’s deeper. Much deeper. It shows just how far we have strayed from our roots. Our ancestors put in so much work during the Civil Rights Movement, but the youth today don’t seem to notice or care.   

"Why are y’all just now caring about Troy Davis?" has been a prevalent question today. Why does it matter when you start caring? It’s just important that you show at least one small grain of sympathy for this man. Your brother. 

Slavery set black people so far back. It’s hard enough for us to catch up with us all working together. It is IMPOSSIBLE for our race to be successful if we are all divided. Troy Davis was a black man. That’s one more black man, one of our brothers, gone. 

Our social, political and educational institutions are infiltrated with flaws that date back to years ago. Our laws were written to benefit white man. Blacks have to stand up to change law or we will continue to lose our brothers. It is going to be extremely hard to rid our systems of these imperfections. I don’t see this happening.

Most of my peers have sadly bought into this white idea of “Americanism”. They believe that the United States is a perfect place to live. They don’t seem to care about the fact that tons of our brothers are locked away in cells. Some may even be on death row awaiting the same destiny as Troy Davis. 

My sisters and brothers of today live only for themselves just like the white man who wrote the laws years ago. It will take an even bigger tragedy than Troy Davis’ because … .

Sadly, they are only Americans. Americans only come together when situations are at their absolute worse.

I will continue to pray that this never happens to any other American.

I will continue to pray that this never happens to any other American.


All three candles I’d had lit over the evening


All three candles I’d had lit over the evening

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RIP Troy Davis: A Martyr, A Potentially Innocent Man

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What’s the point of saying the pledge ? There is NO justice in this country !

This is a sad situation . Our government needs a great amount of reform .